Environmental Geologist, Aidan Martinez @Aimar0217: A Day in the GeoLife Series


Environmental Geologist, Aidan Martinez. ©2018 Aidan Martinez

NAME: Aidan Martinez

CURRENT TITLE: Environmental Geologist

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Environmental Science


EDUCATION: Bsc Geology – University of Oslo; Msc – Geology – University of Oslo; Phd (In-view) – Environmental Geology – University of Oslo

TWITTER: @Aimar0217

What’s your job like?

As far as my academic studies are concerned, they allowed me to get in touch with different realities strongly supported by remediation technologies, such as the nuclear and the mining industry. For example, in my Master’s thesis, I developed detailed research on the use of zeolite minerals as possible candidates for the immobilization of radioactive isotopes of Cesium dispersed in water, or as potential solid hosts for 137Cs γ-radiation source in sterilization applications.

What’s a typical day like?

I do a lot of exercise in the morning before heading out. Once I get to my office, I spend a lot of time in meetings with other scientists and students as well. I take out about 4-5 hours daily reading some current scientific literature and preparing for the classes I teach. I usually spend afternoons processing data and conducting data analysis. I wrap up the day by taking a walk around the city and enjoying what nature has to offer.

What’s fun?

My daily exercise routines and travel, too. I’m constantly on flights from one continent to another meeting other scientists.

©2018 Aidan Martinez

What’s challenging?

Combining career with my personal life. It’s a bit difficult, but due to my passion for geology, I just have to keep going.

What’s your advice to students?

Many students now are interested in environmental fields, but really to be successful in this field in the future, one needs to know quite a lot of science. Environmental Science majors are really positioning themselves to make a difference and to be real contenders in the future. Be willing to volunteer your time to begin to learn the practice of science. Try to get involved in research projects.


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