Geology Teacher, Muhammad Shahid Mehmood @mehmood090: A Day in the GeoLife Series

geology teacher

Muhammad Shahid Mehmood, Geology Teacher at Barakahu Polytechnique Institute, Islamabad, Pakistan. Photo copyright: Muhammad Shahid Mehmood

NAME: Muhammad Shahid Mehmood (You can call me “Shahid”)

CURRENT TITLE: Geology Teacher

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Sedimentology, Petroleum Geology, Well Logging

My research work focuses on sea level changes on the Potwar Basin through a lithostratigraphic study.


EDUCATION: BSc (H) Earth Sciences. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Earth Sciences from Birkbeck University of London, United Kingdom.

What’s your job like?

Currently, I am teaching students at the “Barakahu Polytechnique Institute” in Islamabad, Pakistan.

I teach three subjects there:

1) Well Logging;

2) Petroleum Geology; and

3) Applied Chemistry

I have 17 years of experience in the industry including eight years experience in well logging (formation evaluation) in Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Pakistan in high pressure and temperature wells up to 340 degrees Fahrenheit. I log many coring jobs in Saudi Arabia, Oman, and Pakistan.

What’s a typical day like?

My day starts at 5:30 AM. I’m at work by 8:30 AM, where I start going through emails and prepare for my course lectures. I typically lecture in the mornings and schedule to meet with students for advising or assistance with coursework. I like to answer students and guide them on different geological concepts.

What’s fun?

I love working with students. It is very interesting to draw different “well logs” on the whiteboard and explain them to students. Students ask different questions about perophysics, log interpretation, and well logging techniques. I also like to explain to students about different rock structures in the field and about core samples and identification of different lithologies.


Geology Teacher, Muhammad Shahid Mehmood. Photo copyright Muhammad Shahid Mehmood

What’s challenging?

1) Teaching college students about different techniques of well logging, well logging techniques, and log interpretation

2) Teaching college students about petroleum geology and the origin of petroleum

3) Explaining different rocks and their origin

4) Explaining to students about core samples and their interpretation

What’s your advice to students?

Be active: For me, it is very important for a student to be active.

Appearance: Keep your dress clean.

Initiative: Take initiative in different geological practices and discussions.

Stay visible: After graduate school, keep active in the professional community including conferences, journals, outreach, etc.

Keep learning: Learn enough about the subject petroleum and well logging in addition to geoscience so that you can communicate and deliver your words.

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