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Dr. Abi Stone, Lecturer in Physical Geography

Geoscientist, Quaternary Science, Abi Stone @AbiStone: A Day in the GeoLife Series

NAME:  Abi Stone CURRENT TITLE:  Lecturer in Physical Geography at the University of Manchester. AREA OF EXPERTISE:  Quaternary Science, Dryland Palaeoenvironments and Geomorphology, Geochronology, and Hydrogeology, particularly the unsaturated zone YEARS OF EXPERIENCE:  6 since PhD EDUCATION:  PhD Quaternary Science, School…
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Dr. Joseph Cook

Lecturer, Bioglaciology, Dr. Joseph Cook @tothepoles: A Day in the GeoLife Series

NAME:  Dr. Joseph Cook CURRENT TITLE:  Lecturer in Life and Natural Sciences, University of Derby, United Kingdom AREA OF EXPERTISE:  My background is in glaciology, in particular the “bioglaciological” processes that operate on ice surfaces. My PhD thesis focussed upon carbon…
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