Researcher, Sedimentology, Zain Rahman @IamZainRahman: A Day in the GeoLife Series


Zain Rahman, Post Graduate Researcher in Sedimentology and Micro Paleontology

NAME:  Zain Rahman

CURRENT TITLE:  Post Graduate Researcher

AREA OF EXPERTISE:  Sedimentology, Micro paleontology, Petroleum Geology, Petrophysics

EDUCATION:  Bachelor of Science (Geology) in 2013 from Bahria University Islamabad, Pakistan; Master of Science (Geology) in 2015 from Bahria University Islamabad, Pakistan. Research interests included basin analysis, carbonate sedimentology (diagenetic changes during deposition, and reservoir characteristics) and micro paleontology (foraminifera).

What’s your job like?

I am a post graduate researcher. My previous research topics were:

  1. Sedimentology and Microfacies Analysis of Lower Eocene Sakesar Limestone, Nammal Gorge, Western Salt Range, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan.

  2. Petrophysical Analysis and Reservoir Potential of Chanda Oil Field, Upper Indus Basin, Pakistan.

My current research is on diagenetic pyrite in carbonates and its microbial origin.

What’s your typical day like?

A typical day includes reading geoscience blogs, being aware of current affairs, reading history books and visiting friends.

What’s fun?

Life is full of fun and joy — live it up to the maximum. Watching movies and hanging with old friends is fun.

What’s challenging?

Everything in life is challenging. If you want to succeed, take on these challenges and you will be there.

What’s your advice for students?

Always remain firm and upright with your resolve whatever the outcome is. Never give up during research pursuits — just like the famous saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way.”  Keep searching, remain motivated and you will make a way forward.

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