My thoughts on being a manager

Sandie Will, Geology Manager and Writer

Sandie Will, Geology Manager and Writer

You’ve heard it before, I’m sure. Being a manager comes with an overload of responsibility not only with supervising employees but also with making sure the department is productive and successful. Metrics must be met, decisions have to be made, and guidelines must be followed. It can be a tough spot sometimes, one surrounded by stress that can keep you up at night. But if you manage employees right, the rewards will far outweigh the difficulties.

Intrinsic to how a manager performs are values and how he or she ranks those values. For instance, some managers are focused on productivity, while others are focused on quality. Some want to squeak by, while others want to be on the cutting edge. Some care about employees and some don’t.

Management can be learned. There are many books that tout the right way to manage or lead. Seminars are filled with day-long exercises on how to get employees motivated to perform better. Webinars from profound leaders are available for viewing on various mediums. All of this is good information, but it has to be applied. It has to be practiced. And this takes time. I’m still learning every day.

But what I do know is this: it’s not about me. It’s about the employees. It’s about being their advocate. It’s about their success. They are the core to it all. Empowered and encouraged employees have better self-esteemĀ and confidence and naturally drive production. Rewarded employees will strive to be more innovative. Appreciated employees will want their team to be a success. The work will get done quicker and the long-term stability of the workforce will drive the long-term bottom line. And all the while, hopefully, having a little fun too.

My passion is my employees. Not me. Them. If they are successful, then so am I.