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Burgess Shale Yoho National Park

Burgess Shale Geology Adventures – Yoho National Park

Burgess Shale. The name sounded familiar, as I read through the travel guides of Yoho National Park. I had been in Banff for a couple of days and wondered about traveling farther out that day – out of my comfort…
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Why Go Green?

Why Go Green?

Yesterday, I heard about another aquifer that can no longer be used as a drinking water supply. Years of radioactivity in the area has contaminated the aquifer, and now concentrations are way above safe drinking water standards. This is another…
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Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge – Washington’s Gem

Near the northwestern end of Washington state, lies an enormous mountain range known as the Olympics and within it, the beautiful, snow-capped mountains of Hurricane Ridge. Part of Olympic National Park, you can experience these mountains by walking alongside them…
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Mars Express Video Released!

Check out this new Mars Express video released by the European Space Agency (ESA)! It’s a video of the topography of Mars as the Mars Express orbiter travels over the land surface. The images are very sharp and you can…
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