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Welcome to the ‘A Day in the GeoLife Series,’ where geoscientists share their professions!  This platform gives students and others interested in geosciences the opportunity to read about the lives of geologists, geographers and other geoscientists, whether they are working in the field, educating students, managing, interning or just plain exploring.  See the ‘A Day in the GeoLife Series’ menu at the top of the webpage or category at the bottom/side of the webpage for a growing series of posts from geologists or geology-related professionals and educators who have agreed to be featured to let others know who they are and what their typical day is like.  It’s a glimpse into their interesting world – so come join us!

If you work in the geoscience industry and would like to participate in this blog series, fill out the form below and send any pictures in .jpg to sandie@sandiewill.com. Please note that pictures must fall under your copyright or you must have permission to post pictures from others. Your blog post will be published on my website and announced to email followers, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Make sure to keep a copy of the summary after submitting your form, just in case.

Thank you for participating!


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