Iceland Adventure by Hannah Rahman

Iceland Adventure By Hannah Rahman Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Iceland for a 12-day adventure with the University of South Florida’s Outdoor Recreation Program. I found myself feeling hesitant because it was the first time I flew…
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Ohio River

Sandie Will @RockHeadSciences on the @TravelingGeologist

Just a quick announcement to let you know that I’ve been featured on the TravelingGeologist website for my recent fossil-hunting trip to the Falls of the Ohio State Park located in Indiana. I had visited the park many years ago, but…
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Lake Louise

The Unknown Norseman of Lake Louise, Canada

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I rounded the corner from the parking lot with my husband, Charlie, and his coworker, Michael, toward Chateau Lake Louise, located in Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada during June, 2001. I had heard…
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Burgess Shale Yoho National Park

Burgess Shale Geology Adventures – Yoho National Park

Burgess Shale. The name sounded familiar, as I read through the travel guides of Yoho National Park. I had been in Banff for a couple of days and wondered about traveling farther out that day – out of my comfort…
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Hurricane Ridge

Hurricane Ridge – Washington’s Gem

Near the northwestern end of Washington state, lies an enormous mountain range known as the Olympics and within it, the beautiful, snow-capped mountains of Hurricane Ridge. Part of Olympic National Park, you can experience these mountains by walking alongside them…
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Hoh Rain Forest – A Unique Beauty in Olympic National Park

Northwest Washington is probably the last place you’d expect rain forests!  But they are there! Nestled between the Pacific Ocean, snow-capped mountains of Hurricane Ridge, and Mount Olympus, lies beautiful Hoh Rain Forest in Olympic National Park, one of the…
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Red Rock Canyon and a Hanging: Geo Travels

When normal people go on vacation, they love spending time on the beach, going shopping, resting by a clear, blue pool, getting a massage at a spa — you know, those wonderfully pampering trips. But, as any of my family…
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