Sandie Will @RockHeadSciences on the @TravelingGeologist

Sandie Will

Jeffersonville Limestone, Falls of the Ohio River State Park, Indiana. Photo copyright: Sandie Will

Just a quick announcement to let you know that I’ve been featured on the TravelingGeologist website for my recent fossil-hunting trip to the Falls of the Ohio State Park located in Indiana. I had visited the park many years ago, but never appreciated the significance of this site until I became a geologist. The fossil beds are unbelievable and never seem to end. Hopefully, next time, I’ll have more time to hang around and get more information on this magnificent paleontology site. It was great fun sharing geology with my family members, but not sure they all were grateful! My poor husband almost ended up arrested!

Thank you to Chris Spencer for inviting me to be a guest on the TravelingGeologist blog.

Here’s the link to the website article:


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