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sea level rise

Glacial Landscape Evolution, Andy Emery @AndyDoggerBank: A Day in the GeoLife Series

NAME: Andy Emery CURRENT TITLE: PhD Student, University of Leeds, United Kingdom AREA OF EXPERTISE: Glacial and postglacial landscape evolution and coastal change under rapid relative sea-level rise YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 12 EDUCATION: BSc, University of Leeds, Geological Sciences MSc, University of Leeds,…
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Iceland Adventure by Hannah Rahman

Iceland Adventure By Hannah Rahman Recently, I had the opportunity to travel to Iceland for a 12-day adventure with the University of South Florida’s Outdoor Recreation Program. I found myself feeling hesitant because it was the first time I flew…
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Head of Data Science, Graham Ganssle @grahamganssle: A Day in the GeoLife Series

NAME: Graham Ganssle CURRENT TITLE: Head of Data Science AREA OF EXPERTISE: Signal analysis YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: 10ish EDUCATION: BS in Physics; MSc in Applied Physics, specialized in waveform inversion; PhD in Physics, specialized in signal inversion and optimization TWITTER NAME: @grahamganssle WEBSITE: What’s your…
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