Mud Logger, Mohsen Alshaghdari @mhsenhm: A Day in the GeoLife Series

mud logger

Mohsen Alshaghdari, mud logger

NAME:  Mohsen Alshaghdari

CURRENT TITLE:  Mud logging geologist

AREA OF EXPERTISE:  Formation evaluation and sample description

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE:  3 years experience in the oil field

EDUCATION:  Bachelor’s in Geochemistry and Economic Geology in 2010, Sanaa University, Yemen. I made a project study regarding a geochemistry environment of ore deposit, especially titanomagnetite. I write papers regarding groundwater and the contact between saltwater and freshwater due to a stationary plume in Damt City, northwest of Yemen. Right now, I am a mud logging geologist at a geoservices company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). Unfortunately, I did not finish my higher education due to the war and problems in Yemen.  I am trying to get an invitation from any university to finish my study.

TWITTER: @mhsenhm

What’s your job like?

I am currently a mud logging geologist.  My job includes formation evaluation and sample description, as well as detecting hydrocarbon gases and oil shows.

What’s a typical day like?

Geological trips at vocations, collecting samples, reading, listening to music, and watching geology films.

What’s fun?

Playing football, reading novels, and walking.

What’s challenging?

My first challenge is to promote myself in the wide areas of geology and continue my study at any foreign country.

What’s your advice to students?

You should like what you study and are interested in. Always watch geology films. It helps to figure out many geological issues. Try to go frequently to the library to get geology reference books to increase your knowledge.


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