Geological Consultant, Economic Geology, Leo S. Deiparine: A Day in the GeoLife Series

economic geology
Economic Geologist, Leo S. Deiparine ©2020 Leo S. Deiparine

NAME: Leo S. Deiparine

CURRENT TITLE: Independent Geological Consultant

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Economic Geology



What’s your job like?

My job is quite exciting, especially with discovering mineral deposits. The most exciting, which will be my legacy, is discovering the orogenic quartz-gold deposit of Modi Taung in East Central Myanmar with Myanmar geologists. Likewise, my early exploration work at Oyu Tolgoi copper deposits.

Economic Geology fieldwork
Leo S. Deiparine working in the field. ©2020 Leo S. Deiparine

What’s a typical day like?

Inspiring, heartwarming and exciting. In the field, I carry out exploration for base metals occurrences at Northern Shan State, Myanmar and/or look for high sulfidation copper-silver mineralization in Central Myanmar. 

What’s fun?

Discovering mineral deposits. Teaching young Myanmar geologists on how to conduct a thorough field evaluation of an area. Talking and discussing my geological knowledge through years of experience. Having fun in the field with the Myanmar geologists.

Working in the field with Myanmar geologists. ©2020 Leo S. Deiparine

What’s challenging?

Working in a new and very remote place. Meeting and discussing the purpose of the field exploration with Myanmar headmen and/or local Philippine politicians. Engaging with anti-mining people and explaining the merits of mineral exploration and the assets in discovering rich mineralization.

What’s your advice to students?

To study hard and have a very strong dedication to their chosen career. Be friendly in the field, never have a long discussion with an anti-mining individual, be level headed, enjoy life in the field, and always share your experience as well as knowledge with other geologists. But foremost, always ask advice from your peers and seniors.

Leo S. Deiparine working in economic geology. ©2020 Leo S. Deiparine

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