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Professor Emeritus, Environmental Engineering & Sustainability, Dr. J. J. Delfino: A Day in the GeoLife Series

NAME:  J. J. Delfino CURRENT TITLE:  Professor Emeritus, Environmental Engineering Sciences, University of Florida. AREA OF EXPERTISE:  Field of specialization is water resources, with aquatic chemistry as the key specialty. Broader interest involves industrial ecology which, according to some writers, is…
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Sandie Will, Geology Manager and Writer

Manager, Geohydrologic Data, Sandie Will: A Day in the GeoLife Series @RockHeadSciences

NAME:  Sandie Will, P.G. CURRENT TITLE:  Geohydrologic Data Manager/Professional Geologist AREA OF EXPERTISE:  Water Resource Management/Data Collection/Hydrogeology YEARS EXPERIENCE:  16 EDUCATION:  B.S. Geology; M.S. Environmental Engineering Sciences WEBSITE:  http://www.watermatters.org What’s my job like? I am the manager of 15 personnel in a large water…
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