• Hurricane Ridge – Washington’s Gem

    Hurricane Ridge

    Near the northwestern end of Washington state, lies an enormous mountain range known as the Olympics and within it, the beautiful, snow-capped mountains of Hurricane Ridge. Part of Olympic National Park, you can experience these mountains by walking alongside them on a 1.5 mile trail that leads you to Hurricane Hill at 5,757 feet and a reportedly breath-taking, panoramic view of the coastal area, Vancouver, Mt. Baker and the Pacific Ocean.  I first went to Hurricane Ridge in the early 2000s, only to have to turn around after a short hike on the trail due to shortness of breath from the elevation change.  So, in 2010, I made the decision to re-visit this area again to finally experience this illusive view. I entered from a small town named Port Angeles just north of the park. There’s a self-guided auto tour that starts in Heart O’ the Hills about five miles

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