The best rock cycle diagram I have ever seen!

I’ve gotta admit, as geeky as this sounds, I’m pretty excited over this rock cycle diagram I found at  I wish I had this available while I was in college, because it not only shows the different processes in the rock cycle (i.e. deposition), but it also shows the types of rocks (igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary) that are formed in the different geologic settings (volcanism, plutonism, tectonism).  For example, in the case of metamorphic rocks, it illustrates that with heat and pressure the rocks transform to gneiss and schist.  Unless, I’m missing it, I don’t see phyllite, though which would have been helpful.  It also shows the different types of conformities, as well as faulting types and numerous geologic terms. So, if you are a student in geology, I highly recommend reviewing this rock cycle diagram.  It will give you a better understanding than the traditional rock cycle diagrams of old.


  1. Mervin Dale

    very cool – I’m downloading that one to my on-line notebook! Thanks.

    1. Sandie Will (Post author)

      Great! Glad you’ll be able to use it. Good luck with semester!


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