• Groundwater Resources Manager, Dr. Mike Jones: A Day in the Life Series @GroundwaterMike

    NAME:  Dr. Mike Jones CURRENT TITLE:  Groundwater Resources Manager AREA OF EXPERTISE:  Hydrogeology, Groundwater Resource Development, Water Resource Management Planning for Public Water Supply YEARS EXPERIENCE:  26 EDUCATION: BSc Geology, MSc Sedimentology, PhD Geochemistry WEBSITE:  http://www.groundwateruk.org/ What’s your job like? I manage a team of 4 hydrogeologists working in the largest water & wastewater company in the UK, supplying water to 9 million people in London and the River Thames valley.  I am responsible for the team’s assessment of the performance of our production boreholes, their condition and maintenance requirements.  We also protect our abstraction boreholes from new infrastructure developments, working with developers, regulators and local councils to mitigate impact.  We work closely with the regulator to assess the environmental impact of our groundwater abstractions and to ensure we maintain our licenses to abstract.  To ensure our customers will have sufficient water in the future, especially under drought conditions and

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  • Manager, Geohydrologic Data, Sandie Will: A Day in the Life Series @RockHeadSciences

    Sandie Will, Geology Manager and Writer

    NAME:  Sandie Will, P.G. CURRENT TITLE:  Geohydrologic Data Manager/Professional Geologist AREA OF EXPERTISE:  Water Resource Management/Data Collection/Hydrogeology YEARS EXPERIENCE:  16 EDUCATION:  B.S. Geology; M.S. Environmental Engineering Sciences WEBSITE:  http://www.watermatters.org What’s my job like? I am the manager of 15 personnel in a large water resource management agency and my staff includes Professional Geologists, hydrologists, field supervisors, drillers, driller assistants, technicians and a student intern.  Our goal is to have a comprehensive understanding of the groundwater system and to collect high quality data. The section I manage collects geohydrologic data and our activities primarily include coring and testing to 3,000 feet below land surface, preparing well designs, overseeing well construction, performing aquifer testing, and repairing and plugging wells.  I am responsible for the successful operations of my programs, including a large, regional observation well network, as well as making sure the data we collect are reported to other scientists who use it for groundwater modeling

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