• Geology in Peru with Anna Bidgood @akbidgood Summer 2014

    Anna Bidgood

    ROCK-HEAD SCIENCES is pleased to announce our first ongoing guest blog by a student who will share her field experiences in Peru throughout the Summer of 2014. Anna Bidgood is currently an undergraduate student who is studying Earth Science at Oxford University. She is working for a mining company this summer in the remote Peruvian Andes as an exploration geologist. Follow this guest blog for updates from Anna as she searches for copper porphyry deposits and experiences the local communities. Anna will be updating this blog on an ongoing basis, so stay tuned for more updates! ANNA’S BLOG (UPDATED JULY 17, 2014): Background As a fourth-year undergraduate geologist at Oxford University, I really relish the opportunity to work abroad and gain the experience of working as an exploration geologist. It’s fantastic that there are opportunities for me and my peers that send us half way across the world for three months

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  • Undergraduate and Exploration Geologist, Anna Bidgood, @akbidgood: A Day in the Life Series

    Anna Bidgood, Geologist.

    NAME:  Anna Bidgood CURRENT TITLE:  Undergraduate and exploration geologist YEARS EXPERIENCE:  1 EDUCATION:  I am currently an undergraduate studying Earth Science at Oxford University. This summer, I am working for a mining company in exploration geology in Peru, looking for copper porphyry deposits. I am about to start my 4th year MEarthSci, where I will be studying metamorphic rocks from Massachusetts. I will be trying to uncover the story recorded in the garnets in these rocks to figure out what pressure and temperature they reached in the Earth, when the mountains were being built. I studied geology at Sedbergh School which then led me on to study Earth Sciences at Oxford. My love of fieldwork led me to undertake my mapping project in South Greenland, and this year, I am spending the summer in the remote Andes. WEBSITE:  http://annabidgood.wordpress.com/ What’s your job like? My job is extremely varied; you never know

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  • Senior Manager, Gold Mining, Dave Eden: A Day in the Life Series @tarwathie

    Dave Eden

    NAME:  Dave Eden CURRENT TITLE:  Senior Manager, Technical Services with a gold mining company AREA OF EXPERTISE:  International gold mining. I work in the geology department of corporate Technical Services, where I manage the preparation of mineral resource and reserve statements, which are basically estimates of how much gold is in the ground at our mines. Another large part of my job is to edit, write and project manage the preparation of multi-disciplinary technical reports on our properties. YEARS EXPERIENCE:  18 EDUCATION: My undergraduate degree is in Geological Engineering and I have an M.Sc. in Geology and an MBA. What’s your job like? My job is in the corporate head office, but I also travel to our mine sites a few times per year. My work is very people focussed, with a lot of time spent ensuring that the right people get the right information when they need it. I

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