• PhD Candidate, Geomagnetism & Palaeomagnetism: A Day in the Life Series @LauRob85

    NAME:  Laura CURRENT TITLE:  PhD Candidate AREA OF EXPERTISE:  Geomagnetism/palaeomagnetism YEARS EXPERIENCE:  I’m about to submit my thesis, so I’ve been doing my PhD for nearly 4 years. Prior to that I was an environmental consultant for 3 years. EDUCATION: MSci Geology from the University of Liverpool. WEBSITE:  http://blogs.egu.eu/geojenga/ What’s your job like?  My job is very varied. It’s allowed me to travel all over the world and work with and meet some awesome people. Mostly, I am based at my lab in Liverpool (UK). If I’m there, I spend the majority of my time doing experiments using one of the numerous instruments we have there. I’ve also spent a chunk of my PhD visiting a lab in Holland, at Utrecht University and using a nifty piece of kit (it’s called the robot) there that does experiments a lot quicker than I could at Liverpool. When I’m not doing lab

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