Consulting Hydrogeologist @dbruehl shares his career on ‘A Day in the GeoLife’ series

consulting hydrogeologist

Consulting hydrogeologist

NAME: dbruehl

CURRENT TITLE:  Consulting Hydrogeologist

AREA OF EXPERTISE:  Geology, hydrogeology, waste site remediation


EDUCATION:  Bachelor and Master’s Degrees in Geology from Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan.   Post graduate education from University of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


What’s your job like?

I am now semi-retired and involved with occasional consulting work in geology, hydrogeology, and waste site remediation. I also maintain my website and sell items that are of interest to geoprofessionals, engineers, and related persons. I love my profession and have always enjoyed my work.

What’s a typical day like?

A typical day could involve some work on my website and sometimes some consulting work. The consulting work often involves reviewing reports and completing state agency submittals for environmental remedial projects. Occasionally, I am involved with some fieldwork.

What’s fun?

Almost all of my work is fun. During my career I have enjoyed developing groundwater supplies for municipalities and industrial sites, performing geophysical surveys, and traveling to projects in places that include Puerto Rico and Indonesia.

What’s challenging?

There are a lot of challenges in geologic work. Some of them that I have been involved with include groundwater supply development, groundwater and surface water remediation and many others.

What’s your advice to students?

Decide what area of geology you are interested in, but cover as many different areas that you can fit into your schedule. You never know which areas you may become involved with eventually.

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