Yale World Fellow, Alexander Verbeek @Alex_Verbeek: A Day in the GeoLife Series

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Yale World Fellow, Alexander Verbeek

NAME: Alexander Verbeek

CURRENT TITLE: Strategic Policy Adviser Global Issues, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Netherlands; Recent Yale World Fellow, Yale University

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Strategic policy on climate, water, food, energy and resources; human geography


EDUCATION: MSc, Human Geography, Utrecht University, Netherlands


VIDEO: Class Lecture – Yale School of Management

Per his website, Alexander is a Strategic Policy Advisor on Global Issues at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, working on international issues related to climate, water, food, energy and resources. Alexander collaborates with governments, businesses, think tanks and civil society agencies to find connections between these issues and create solutions for the environmental, resource and demographic challenges of the 21st century. Alexander has been working as a diplomat for the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs since 1992.”  He has recently been a Yale World Fellow from August to December 2014 at Yale University, Connecticut, to promote global leadership and internationalization.

Since Alexander already has a blog about his typical day and career information that is similar to this blog series, I thought I would share his page instead of having him rewrite a similar blog.  For information on what it’s like to be a Yale World Fellow, please see his webpage at No Every Day Life as a Yale World Fellow.  He also has another related blog titled,”How to be a World Fellow – One Day in the Life” at How to be a World Fellow. Both blog posts provide excellent insight about his life and how you can become a World Fellow too.  He shares the uniqueness of Yale University, inspiration he has gained from world renown speakers, and his life’s passion related to global environmental and human issues.

Thank you, Alexander, for allowing me to include your posts on this blog series!


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