Aspiring Paleontologist, Cam Muskelly @PaleoCameron: A Day in the GeoLife Series

aspiring paleontologist

Cam Muskelly, Aspiring Paleontologist, Science Communicator, Volunteer at Fernbank Science Center ©2018 Cam Muskelly

NAME: Cam Muskelly

CURRENT TITLE: Aspiring paleontologist, science communicator

AREA OF EXPERTISE: Historical geology, deep time geology, paleontology

YEARS OF EXPERIENCE: I have been communicating to the public about paleontology for 5 years now.

EDUCATION: I am a recent high school graduate. I am an avocational paleontologist/geologist and a science communicator.

TWITTER: @PaleoCameron

What’s your job like?

Rewarding in most cases. On the weekends, I volunteer for the Fernbank Science Center in Decatur, Georgia where I set up a table of fossils specimens and engage with the visitors about the subject of paleontology. I could also be reading books/papers or if lucky, I’m in the field.

What’s a typical day like?

It can vary. I could be annotating a recent scientific paper, be invited to speaking engagements, or out collecting samples.

What’s fun?

Everything is fun. I love communicating to the public about paleontology. I love the chance to do field work and look at the fossils and rocks close up and personal. I live in the state of Georgia, so there are great outcrops to look at.

What’s challenging?

Talking to the public can be quite a challenge for many people. My social skills are not up to par with everyone else so I may talk fast or may not look down. I have learned to mimic the behavior of other paleontologists giving lectures and this has helped me out tremendously while talking to the public. Working with children can also be a challenge but I have gotten better with that as well.

What’s your advice to students?

Never give up on your dreams. I am on the Autism Spectrum. Because of this, I face many challenges every day. I don’t let this slow me down at all. It is because of me being on the spectrum that I have achieved so much at such a young age. Read and write as much as you can. Try to even get a little bit of field experience if possible. The stories lie in the rocks themselves. Every fossil and rock tells an amazing chapter about the history of the Earth. Go out and unlock the secrets that lie in the rocks.


  1. Tracie Bennitt

    Great job Cam keeping the dream alive!

  2. Jess Cost

    You’re awesome, Cam!! Your knowledge is mighty and there’s nobody I’d rather be out in the field with, fossil buddy!!

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